May 26, 2009

Lotus 25

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Anonymous said...

la,ce serait fait expres que ça ne m'etonnerais pas.sait tu que l'annee prochaine en formule un,lotus parle de faire un retour.superbe travail,belle f1 des annees soixantes plus la pin-up.cocktail parfait.

Anonymous said...

superbe travail,cocktail parfait formule un plus pin-up,nickel,sait tu que lotus pense revenir en f1 l'an prochain?


Xyling said...

Wow, nicely done! I don't recall the girl who drove for Lotus though.

John M. Mellberg said...

Just received a copy of your SpeedBirds book from Frederic GASSON, and it's superb! What a great mix of aircraft and autos. The sketch/illustration technique is wonderful, enhancing the feeling of shape, form and speed, and when you add color everything gets even better (if that's possible). Being a LOTUS F1 fan since the days of the Lotus 25, you have the start of something you should continue w/additional Lotus vehicles, the Typ 33, 38, 49, 56/56B (Indy and F1 configurations), 72, 87/88, and those that Senna drove. You could/should also explore the Frence custom coach builders, starting w/Figone et Falaschi, Chapron, etc...with their flowing lines coachwork on Talbot Lagos, Delage, Delahayes, Bugatti, and bringing in the Italians, the bodies by Touring on Alfa 8C 2500B's would be wonderful to see you and your colleagues try your hand at these. Now with GM going down, a series of GM Stylings 60's through the 90's 'concept-show Corvettes and cars, done under the watch of Bill Mitchell, Chuck Jordan would be worthy subjects too.

Thanks for all that you've done to date. The aircraft both past and future are just great!

John M. Mellberg
Creative Designer
Member, the League of Retired Automobile Designers
5709 Election Oak Drive
High Point, NC 27260
336-889-9313 (H)
336-881-6577 (W)

P.S. I'm involved with Frederic GASSON regarding the Bugatti P-100, and am working with a group here in the US who intend to build and fly an exact reproduction of the P-100, faithful in every detail, including creation of new engines, everything!

Anonymous said...

Superbe ... mais ce n'est pas une 25, plutôt une 32 de formule Tasmane ;)