Jul 27, 2009

紅の豚 - daily sketch

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Small quick sketch today.....


JayHavvic said...

Tooo Much!

I looked at your sketch with out reading the text.

Hit save and then saw the file name. My favorite anime and best aero movie of all time!

I first saw and bought a sub-titled, boot-leg VCR in the early 90's. Now have the Disney version.

So many great planes, such beautiful animation.

Would love to see full color of both versions, esp. the 2nd with the "Ghibli" engines '-)

Love you art and the concepts.
It is funny how the mind runs. I am over 60 and have a sketch I made when I was probably in my20s. It is similar to your Macchi with the mid-fuselage, twin contra-rotating props. Can't remember what I based it on.

The MC72 is by far the most magnificent Seaplane ever built, the Bugatti Racer is the best land plane.

I ramble, but if you have a chance, check out Crash Ryan by
Ron Harris. There are some Porco "Easter Eggs"

I am trying to SpeedBirds in a U.S. bookstore.

Fair winds,
Unlimited Ceilings!

John Harris

Kyriu said...


Yotah said...

Super nice le Porco!! Dès l'image d'aperçu j'avais reconnu le "cul" du moteur :)

John, for the book, I think it's available for international shipping on the editor's website. You should check it out, as I don't think you'll find it easily in US...

GeeBee said...

Ouirk !
Laurent Ichi-ban !